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ZEISS VISULENS 550 - Frontofocomètre automatique photo du produit

ZEISS VISULENS 550 - Frontofocomètre automatique

Article : 000000-2285-603
Regardless of whether you are looking for a solid start of your refraction process, lens marking or simply to demonstrate quality of UV protection to customers, the VISULENS® 550 from ZEISS provides reliable lens measurement for profound lens consultation and a high-level of patient care.

Highlights at a glance: 

  • Shack-Hartmann sensor and UV spectrometer for precise information
  • Modern operator concept for comfortable handling
  • Versatile connectivity and printing options for a flexible and fast workflow
  • Well-organized reports for quick interpretation and optimized patient care

Intelligent measurement modes for a wide range of lenses 

  • Standard mode for single vision and multi-focal lenses for both tinted and untinted variants
  • Progressive lens mode for tinted and untinted lenses
  • UV transmission measurement mode
  • Contact lens mode for soft and hard contact lenses
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